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Dependable Large and Extra-Large Dog Breeds

If you’re looking for a dog that excels at training, is eager to please, and enjoys learning, a large or extra-large dog breed might be the canine for you. They require regular exercise for mental stimulation and to burn off excess energy. This makes them great exercise companions and enthusiastic participants in your active life. Check out our puppies today!


Rely on our staff to help you learn more about owning a large or extra-large breed of dog.

Learn About Big Dogs' Needs

Do research on big dogs to make an informed decision. The pup you bring home will get bigger, so make sure you can accommodate his or her food, water, and exercise needs. Enjoy the personal security of a big dog, too!

Reap Rewards from Owning a Big Dog

•  Adapt to apartment life as long as they get exercise

•  Good with children and enjoy an active lifestyle

•  Playful, patient, and protective

•  Highly intelligent

We specialize in rare, hard to find, and unusual breeds. To find your new puppy, call today:


Meet Your New Puppy Today

Find a new puppy at The Pet Shoppe in Middletown. Choose from designer, small, and medium breeds. Shop for dog food, toys, clothes, and other accessories in our well-stocked inventory. Visit us today! Get a lifetime health guarantee!

Large and Extra-Large Breeds:


American Bulldog




Cane Corso




Dogue de Bordeaux

English Mastiff

German Shepherd

Golden Retriever

Great Dane

Great Pyrenees

Labrador Retriever

Neapolitan Mastiff


Old English Sheepdog


Saint Bernard



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